Tiny Open House

This weekend for the first time, we got to stay in our tiny house. But we weren’t alone. We were joined by about a couple of hundred visitors and tiny house enthusiasts, most of whom told us that they watched tiny home shows all the time but had never had to chance to step inside one.
I am on the board for Maple Ridge Countryfest and I was asked if we would like to display our home as part of their tiny living display. Our builder was able to arrange transportation to get it there so all we had to do was move in. And open it to the public.

And while the response was about 97% positive with glowing compliments and encouragement, it is the 3% of negative comments that leaves us scratching our head. We didn’t go the tiny house route with concerns about what people would say, in fact we didn’t even tell a lot of people except for close family and friends. But those who were nay sayers were always older women. With no exception. They had comments such as “Why wouldn’t you just buy a camper?” or ‘I could never live like this?”. We smiled and thanked them for coming to see our tiny house.
And those who loved it were overwhelmingly young couples. Some with kids, some without. Almost every young couple who cannot get into the BC housing market sees this as a viable option. While no representatives of our local municipal government came by we did get a visit from Dan Ruimy, our local MP. He was delightful and interested and easy to have a tiny house conversation with. Plus, he is a supporter of 4-H so that is gold in my books. ( You don’t get on the fair board without having a 4-H background).
So in the end we had a few scuffs marks, and fingerprints and we had to kick a few little ones out of the loft (whose parents, wouldn’t or couldn’t get them out of there), but I think we taught a lot of people about tiny houses, answered a thousand questions in spite of having a list of FAQ’s on hand. We played “find the kitty litter box” with guests who came through. We put up our closed sign for breakfast lunch and dinner but it’s hard to eat while people are lined up outside your door, and peeking in your windows, so even then we had people come through as we munched on our hastily prepared dinner.

Our over all review is that we love it even more than we thought we would. It was great to sleep in, a pleasure to cook in, the shower was a dream (nice high nozzle and great water pressure).
Our original plan was to move into this summer but because of Johns work situation, we won’t be moving for a least a year. A whole year of waiting and dreaming but until then it will be our home a way from home when we head up north.

In the meantime, here is a sneak peek for anyone who didn’t get to join us on the weekend.

Jimmy and Laura joined us for Sunday morning breakfast

Love this kitchen. Stay tuned for the Countertop story in another blog.

Tiny bathroom, big ceiling. This little loft is perfect for Snoopy and it didn’t take him long to discover his own private cat walk to it.

I love starting my day in this little nook.

Our loft has enough room for both of us to sit up in it. This quilt is pretty special to me. The friend who made it passed away earlier this year.

So cozy, tucked in for the night.


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5 Responses to Tiny Open House

  1. Kathleen Gabbott says:

    Thank you for sharing your tiny home in your blog, Val.
    Your kitchen, and the rest of your house, look fabulous. Well planned, and lovely, what more could one ask for?
    I see from your photos that you have my dream sink! :0)
    I am surprised that the 3% actually found something to be negative about. Your wee house is exquisite. Has it a name yet?
    I admire you and John for not only dreaming, but actually making your dreams concrete, or wood, in this case. ;0D ;0D
    Best wishes always,in your new home and in this next chapter of your lives.

  2. Wow! Val and John. You are living my dream. Glad to know that dreams do come true. I’ll have faith my dream house will become a reality, too.I love to buy your drying slab of natural wood for my “soon to become a reality” TH. Bless you for inspiring and sharing your masterpiece and your journey, too.

  3. Mary says:

    I’d love to have a TH built just like yours everything looks so planned out. Maybe I missed it any how what is the size of your TH? How much would it take to have one built just like yours? Thank you for sharing.


    • Val says:

      Hello Mary, Thank you for your lovely comments. We spent a long time planning our house but it was http://www.minttinyhomes.com who made it all fall into place. All prices are on their website. Our house is 8.5 feet wide. and 30 feet long.

      • Mary says:

        You are so sweet to reply back. I’ll go to the website you sent to me and have a look around. Merry Christmas to you and your family and a Happy New Year in your new tiny home.

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