Before our home was delivered our builder had a photo shoot done by the very talented James Alfred Photography.   I love how the photos capture all the details that makes this home so special and personal to us.

I knew I wanted green cupboards.  And I knew I wanted them in this shade of green.  Sherwin Williams Clary Sage.  But Ikea does not make green cupboards so that meant I was painting the fronts while the builder installed the cupboards.  Once I had them done with primer and several coats he was able to install and finish them.

You can read about my countertops in another blog but I am so happy with how they turned out.  They clean up easy and the shine just adds to the whole feeling of light and lightness.

This pullout pantry was as a special request of mine.  I have one in my current house and its my favourite kitchen feature.  This one is from Lee Valley.  The builder had to adjust the door to make sure it would slide freely even when it was full of items.   The cupboard beside it is a closet.

I love our stairs but I really love the little kitty litter cubby hole that hides below them.  The second step lifts up to reveal the litter box for easy cleaning.  It has the same built in fan that comes with the natures head composting toilet and it runs continually giving Snoopy his own ventilation system.

The stove is a hobbit stove by Salamander stoves.  It is imported from Great Britain and comes in a wide variety of colours.  Not yet CSA approved although the pages and pages of specification provided by the manufacturer are probably over and above.  It has a low emission output and a separate air intake making it ideal for our small space.

Oh the debate over stackable or combo washer and dryer!  It goes on and on.  We have lots of storage so we didn’t feel like the combo was our only option. This Bosch pair has no outside vent on the dryer making it work well for a cold climate.  The reviews on the combos are not that great but I think we’ll be pretty happy with this.  A middle shelf pulls out for laundry folding, if you like that sort of thing. My second favourite thing in this photo is the opaque pocket door window.  I love that light can pour in from both sides even while it’s closed.

I had no idea how much thought goes into putting a couch together until I tried  design one myself.  How deep? How wide? How tall? How tall should the back board be? How thick? What about storage? Arm rests? Where will my cup of tea go?   I spent a year measuring every couch I sat on.  As a seamstress I usually carry a measuring tape with me and I found I pulled it out everywhere and kept notes in my phone.  My builder made the shape and back board and Snoopy and I got down to upholstering it.  We added the corner post because after all that measuring, I knew the corner of the couch would be jutting out and be the first thing you see when you come in the french doors so I wanted a feature that looked pretty and tied it all together.  So our friend Jon, who does excellent wood turning, created this post for me to tuck into the corner of our couch. And once it was all put together we discovered that the three window sills that surround this couch are perfectly wide enough for a mug.

As soon as Upcycled Studio posted this antique door on their instagram account I knew I wanted it.  Only it didn’t look that then.  I was just an old white door but the perfect fit for the closet I knew I wanted.  I took it over to Birchtree Path furniture who makes amazing things out of old furniture and she stencilled it up for me.  And for free!! All I had to do was babysit her baby Wally who happens to be my grandson so a pretty good trade.

There are a few things from our regular home that I wanted incorporated into our Tiny.  One of them was the wrought iron work that is in the loft and the other was these stained glass windows.  I had them custom made by a very talented person with the plan to have them  installed as transom windows in our 110 year old house.  But as soon as we started the build I pulled them out and gave them to Brian, our builder and asked him if they could be staggered down the stairs.  He ordered custom windows to their size and inset the stained glass into the frame work.  I love love love them and it is the one thing we get the most compliments on.



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4 Responses to Details

  1. B Morgan says:

    Brilliant. I have been scouring every tiny house example for several years, and although I have found a handful that I like, none have surpassed yours. This was planned and completed with love.

    My heartfelt congratulations.

    • Val says:

      Thank you so much! We do love our home. As we had it built we wondered if we would really love having a space so tiny but we really do. It is the perfect fit for us.

  2. Lori says:

    Hi, I’m just wondering if your couch also makes into a guest bed? And, if so, what mechanism did you decide on? And, can you recommend a good foam? I’ve made a couple of couches and haven’t gotten the foam right (used camping mattresses from Canadian tire, supplemented with mattress toppers) and the cushions haven’t been comfy as a result… too soft, and so you sink to the wood. Any suggestions welcome. I really like your home design and all the features. Congratulations and may you have many years of happiness in your lovely not-so-tiny tiny home!

  3. Nicole says:

    Hello, I like your Bosch washer and dryer stackable unit. I am from Germany and I do have a similar pair made by Siemens. They are very energy efficient and run very good. You will have savings on water and electricity compared to North American made Equipment. That was a good choice to buy. Greetings from Germany and congratulations to this lovely home. Nicole

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