Tiny Home Prep

We always thought our tiny house was pretty big as far as tiny houses go.  And then we marked the layout on our site.  And suddenly it didn’t look so big any more.

Even though we built our tiny house on wheels we always planned that it would be parked in one place as much as possible, with the mobility of it giving us the option to move at a later date if we needed to.  So this meant we had to get our tiny home site prepped.  We have the option of going solar at a later date but for now we needed water and hydro and a base to park it on.  So let the digging begin.  The first step was putting down concrete sono tubes on all four corners to rest the corner jacks on.  But since one of us is an over planner we opted to dig eight sono tubes with four extra in the midsection of the trailer to take the weight off the wheels.  It is very convenient to have family members who can provide tractors, plowers, diggers and various other dirt moving equipment.  The guys dug the holes while my daughter Tessa and I wired the rebar together. This would be placed in the tubes before the concrete was added to give it extra strength.

It was pretty exciting to watch the concrete truck back right up and fill each hole.

Once we had the concrete tubes in the ground it was time to set up the hydro and water hook up.  Which again required a substantial amount of digging.   At one point the excavator took a bit of a tumble but we simply pulled it out with a bigger tractor. And by “simply” I mean a lot of head scratching and manual digging.    Now we know where Corb Lund got his inspiration for “The truck got stuck”

This adventure came with a certain amount of circle prayer time.  Once the trough was dug, the wires and tubes were laid for water and hydro.  A pole had already been put in place and the electrician got it all connected.


While we were at it we also dug in a French drain for our grey water.  Because we have a composting toilet there is no sewage which makes setting up our house so much easier.  Ha Ha… easier…. Obviously this was not all that easy.

While it was a lot of work we had so much expert help doing this.  We are so thankful for the hard working hands and ingenuity of my son Mike and son-in-law Matt who did most of the work on this, and of course Caleb who knew exactly where things had to go.

Next blog…. Moving day!



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2 Responses to Tiny Home Prep

  1. Goo Trsada says:

    Your tiny house is awesome!

  2. Kathleen Gabbott says:

    Finally had time to catch up on your tiny home adventure. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Everything is exquisite. The stuff dreams are made on. So glad you are making yours come true.
    Love and best wishes for the next chapter.

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