A Week of Winter

On the day after Christmas we had plans to head up north to our Tiny and see how she was doing.  Of course it would also give us the opportunity to hang out with some of our favourite people.   The roads were clear so off we went.  When we got to the house it was pretty cold inside, although the electric furnace ran at a minimum so we did not have to worry about anything freezing.  We quickly got a fire going in our little hobbit stove and within an hour the place was toasty warm.  We had some issues with our wood as some of our wood was very dry and we discovered some was not.  Next purchase will be a moisture metre for our firewood.   We went to the local building supply store and found they had a sale on manufactured wood logs so we stocked up on them and found that we got a lovely consistent heat when we used them.

It was so cold that even the air intake on our hobbit stove got iced up.  It did not appear to affect its function at all and it disappeared as the outside temperature got higher.

There are a few features that make our house cold weather friendly.  The spray foam insulation used by our builder gives it an R21 Value.  The skirt that we have around the bottom is also spray foam insulated keeping the underneath from freezing as well.

All windows are double glazed but we still had ice on the inside of them when the temperatures dipped below -25 Celsius.   We were told that this is pretty normal for any home up north in those temperatures.  When the out door temperature rose to a balmy -12 Celsius, the ice on the window disappeared.

We have all the pipes and hook up in place for the water connection but we have not yet connected it.  This is because we are not there full time and we do not want to risk any freezing while we are away.  So for now we shower and laundry at a family members home and bring in water for cooking and drinking.  The Hobbit stove can easily  bring it up to 23 degrees C inside but the outside compartments are not getting that warmth.   We have electric blankets on the propane tanks and a small rod heater in the compartment where the instant hot water heater is but because it is not hooked up , it is not yet providing its own heat.  Once we are in it full time for a whole winter we’ll have a better idea of what works and what we might need to change, but for this chilly week we were pretty happy with it.

It was beautiful and cozy watching the snow fall while we were snuggled up inside with a book and our magazines.

The view from our sitting area.

Our plan was to be up north for three days.  But the roads heading south turned very bad, and our grandson, who was due to be born the week before christmas decided to stay put and came into this world 11 days late. So we stayed to meet him and were so glad we did.

He came in at an exquisitely perfect 9 lbs and 6 oz.  Fearfully and wonderfully made.





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