Moving Day


Our moving day was a long time coming.  Our house was finished in the spring but we were not going to actually move it to its current location until August.  However 2017 was the worst year on record for British Columbia forest fires and our insurance company informed us that as long as there were fires burning in the Interior and Northern BC they would not cover our house if we moved it up there.  So this meant we had to wait out the fire season.  We had no idea how long that would last as this year was unlike any other year for forest fires.  As we drove up to visit in the summer we could see the devastation left by many fires and on one drive we could see fires burning on both sides of the road.

Our August date moved to September and finally during the last week of September our house was delivered.  We weren’t there to receive it but my daughter was able to take several photos.  The land where we planned to park it was pretty muddy and the driver was quite concerned about getting his vehicle in and out.  But he was a pro (Logistics RV Moving).  Since the site where we wanted to put it was not quite ready, the house was tucked away in a corner of the field until we could have everything in place.

Our tiny waiting for its big move.

Finally on Thanksgiving weekend we had decent weather, everything fell into place, family was there to help so we pooled all the resources we could and moved our tiny into its perfect spot.

So how do you pull your tiny? On this day we pulled it by tractor, and by “we” I mean my son-in-law Matt.

The site was completely prepped and all we had to do was move it.  Easy Peasy! Well sort of.  The trick was that all four corners had to be perfectly lined up with the sono tubes we had placed in the ground.  The other challenge was that we had a bed of gravel down but it was soft and hadn’t really settled yet.  A week before we had seen a youtube video of a tiny house tipping over.  One of us was loosing sleep about having the house tipping once it was on the gravel.   But a combination of skill, prayer and the right equipment all combined to make things run smoothly.  But mostly prayer!

We had limited room to manoeuvre but with Mike and John yelling instructions from behind the house, Matt, on the tractor was able to move it to within inches of where it had to be. All four corners lined up perfectly.  Because the gravel was so soft, we opted to place concrete patio stones where the tires would be to give extra support.

And did I mention the mud?

This process really moved at a snails pace which allowed the guys to get it exactly where they wanted it.

The tiny house moving dream team.

Once it was in place we were able to add the skirting and our temporary steps.  Our plan for next summer is a deck, and hopefully a covering for that deck.

The end of the day involved a bit of clean up but the house is so secure on its foundation. We have no bounce or  movement at all.

We even had a few extra patio stones to give us small front step area.
At one point during the maneuvering I took a walk out the field and spotted this guy and a few of his friends.

I hope that in the days to come we’ll see a lot more of him.


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