The not-so-tiny-tiny

The numbers game.
When the topic of our tiny home creeps into a conversation the first question we always hear is “How many square feet?”  It’s as though the value of my life is determined by how many square feet of belongings I can own.  Obviously size matters.
As far as tiny homes go, ours is not so tiny. With a 30ft trailer as its base it gives us a fair bit of space. We could have gone smaller, lots of people do. We walked the space of a 28 ft trailer and decided it was a good fit for us until Brian from showed us the 30 ft trailer and we both knew that that extra 2 ft would be the ticket! So 30′ it is. We have a sleeping loft, a couch, a bit of extra loft space for visiting grand kids or storage. A small bathroom and a tiny laundry room/closet. That extra two feet will become part of my kitchen. In fact my tiny house kitchen may end up being bigger than the kitchen I have now.
And while the house is tiny, we are abundantly thankful for the 40 acres we get to park it on. My view is nothing but sky and trees and maybe the odd cow and horse and moose passing through. So my space may be small but our view will be huge and I think that will make all the difference.

But for those that still need to know, I can happily tell you that our square footage is 354 ft.². 42 square feet is storage loft space that we are not able to stand in but I’m pretty sure I know a few grandbabies that will fit in there pretty pretty nicely.